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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rather? I'd Rather Not

Dan Rather's lawsuit against his former employer, CBS, over the desperate "Bushgate" scandal that never was struck me as quite odd.

Rather blames his firing on CBS trying to "curry favor with the (Bush) administration".


Rather narrated the September 2004 report that said Bush disobeyed orders and shirked some of his duties during his National Guard service and that a commander felt pressured to sugarcoat Bush's record.

In his lawsuit, Rather maintains the story was true but says if any aspect of the broadcast was not accurate, he was not responsible for the errors. By forcing Rather to apologize publicly, "CBS intentionally caused the public and the media to attribute CBS' alleged bungling of the episode to Mr. Rather," the lawsuit claimed.

Rather's claims that CBS forced him out because of favoritism to the Bush administration seem pretty bogus to me. It's safe to say that Rather had a lot of leeway and pull in the operations of CBS Evening News, including and especially the aired content. He had plenty of opportunity to present his side of the story, which CBS had no problem with at the time.

Wonder what Bernard Goldberg thinks of all this?



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