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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Letters To The Editor - Columbus Day Weekend Edition

For a change, here are some really good ones published in yesterday's Herald:

First one deals with the custody issue:
Custody vs. Cuba

The natural father of the 5-year-old Cuban refugee might have overcome the evidence of both abandonment and lack of fitness as a parent. But he cannot overcome the totalitarian regime of Cuba.

The principles of favoring the natural parent in child-custody cases are founded in natural law. The Cuban regime, however, is founded and operates upon a cruel denial of natural law and its basic human freedoms and rights.

It is not just a consideration of the best interest of the child, which can be overcome by the presumption in favor of the natural parent. History demonstrates that a life under the Cuban regime is certain to ``cause harm to the child.''

The harm to the child that is certain to occur as a result of her forced return to the Cuban gulag requires that she remain here with her half brother.


It's perfectly possible for a Cuban parent to raise good children. I've seen it myself. The argument here, however, is that in Cuba the parent really doesn't have a lot of choices when it comes to the raising of his/her children. The state, on the other hand, does and freely exercises them. In the case of Cuba, that's a very bad thing. Food for thought.

And here's a letter responding to Ana Menendez's latest column which I commented on the other day.

Poverty prevention

Re Ana Menendez's Oct. 3 column, Let's rethink our strategies to fight poverty: When will people such as Menendez realize that government can, at best, only deal with the issues of poverty at the margins? No amount of handouts, programs or entitlements will eliminate poverty.

What is needed is two-parent households, the teaching of positive values and, most important, self-discipline. These things government cannot mandate.


Mr. Schertzer said in two small paragraphs what it took me a whole post to explain. Bravo!



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