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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Standing Up for Values

Some posts are so right on the money, that they need to be copied and pasted as much as possible.

This one by Henry at Babalu is one of those.

On our values and them

As we grow up we are taught many valuable lessons. Our teachers, our parents, our relatives, our spiritual leaders and our friends all contribute to the process that hopefully makes us into upright and moral people. But in this upside-down world, all of a sudden, right is wrong and wrong is right.

We were taught to work hard and that good things would follow. But when we do, they use our wealth against us in an attempt to discredit us.

We were taught to respect and learn from our elders. But when we do, they say that our elders are doddering old fools who shouldn’t be listened to.

We were taught the value of democratic institutions and the value of one’s vote. But when we use them to our advantage, they say that we have an unfair stranglehold on policy.

We were taught the value of organizing and speaking out for what we believe is true and correct. But when we do, they say that we are an angry, irrational and loud mob.

We were taught the value of maintaining firm uncompromising convictions rooted in respect for the inalienable rights of mankind. But when we do, they say that we are intransigent and closed-minded.

We were taught that some things are simply too important and must be fought for, even with force of arms if necessary. But when we try, they want to throw us in jail and say we are warmongers.

We were taught that one’s property is sacred and should never be stolen. But when we try to reclaim our stolen property, or even talk about reclaiming it, they characterize us as greedy and without empathy.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped listening to them.



Blogger Progger said...

Too bad that there aren't any Cubanos in Miami who believe any of that.

It is all about money, power, corruption, and influence here in Miami, where the beacon of freedom and hope is a big joke.

12:57 PM, October 06, 2007  
Blogger Robert said...


Lay off the bong, bro. It makes you slow, lazy and stupid.

10:04 PM, October 08, 2007  

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