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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quick Shots

Here's a quick roundup of interesting news items:

- Glad to see the Miami-Dade County Commission approve the "Miami Mega-deal" by a 9-4 vote. Like I've said, we pretty much have 2 choices: moving forward with the plan and hashing out the gory details, or staying stuck in the same rut as always. As for those who think this should go to a vote (never mind the fact that voters have already given authority for these individuals to do EXACTLY what they are doing), Glenda Millberg of Channel 10 said it best:
The idea that this should be decided in a voter referendum would be a great if everyone who cast a vote would commit to understanding what a CRA is and how it functions, and actually read the details of the plan. Care to guess what voter turnout might be for that one?
- Bill Parcells (a.k.a El Gran Tuna) is coming to Miami to be the head of football operations for the Dolphins. No matter how you feel about Parcells, this is a good move. Parcells is a proven winner, leader and excellent evaluator of talent, everything the Dolphins have been missing for 7 years.

- Ana Menendez criticizes Florida Senate House Leader Marco Rubio for supporting Mike Huckabee. I mean, what self-respecting Cuban-American would support a Neanderthal like Huckabee, right Ana? Here's a deal: when Menendez starts criticizing Democrats for having pro-abortion stances, then she can stand solidly on her own two feet while lambasting Huckabee for his "anti-progressive" positions.

- Gotta love how some Democrats act tough on border security when it's convenient to them. You can say a lot about Charlie Rangel and Barbara Lee, but boring isn't one of them.


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