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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Solid Foundations Never Erode

It's always great to see the younger generation stand up and be counted as being strong advocates for freedom in Cuba.

If you believe the media and many on the "left" side of the Cuban-American community, you would think that the younger generation of Cuban-Americans not only are less inclined to be political, but if they're political at all they will tend to drift away from the values and beliefs of their parents and grandparents.

At least that's what the Democratic Party is hoping and praying for.

I don't doubt that there is a significant number of young Cuban-Americans who will gravitate towards something totally opposite from their parents and abuelos. It's to be expected.

However, what you DON'T often hear are the equally significant number of young Cuban-Americans who not only embrace their forebearers' values, but promote them in ways the older folks could only dream of years ago. They are the torch-bearers for a good and just cause.

There are many examples of this which are too numerous for me to mention in its entirety, but one example that comes to mind is Raices de Esperanza.

Another more recent example is La Primera Generación, featured today at Babalu Blog.

By the way, I'm sure many of these kids aren't partisan when it comes to political parties, nor should they be. What matters is what they feel inside and the activism they choose to partake in. In the end, however, the party that shows the most interest and understands their cause the best is the one that will win out.


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