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Monday, December 10, 2007

Univision Debate Reaction


Not that it was bad, mind you, but nowhere near as exciting and confrontational as the previous debate. Also, hearing the answers through a translator was bad. Quite often, the translators would not be able to finish the candidates' remarks before the next question began, leading to some missed words. Just another reason why the translator method is a bad idea.

George should be very happy he was at the auditorium and not subjected to the translators (or was he?).

Aside from Ron Paul (a given), none of the candidates really hurt their cause last night. The answers were safe, perhaps a bit too general, but the main points were driven home without any big "in your face" statements. I think the awkwardness of the format affected the punch and energy behind much of the responses and limited the amount of interchange that could have presented itself.

Mitt Romney did much better last night than in St. Pete last week, then again he wasn't directly confronted by any of the other candidates. Duncan Hunter was solid (too bad he's not getting more support), as was Mike Huckabee (his "send off" of Michael Moore to Cuba was great) and Rudy Giuliani.

John McCain did very well once again. Give the man credit...when it comes to foreign policy no one can top him. The CAMBIO wristband he sported was awesome, and didn't seem contrived or fake because we all know where he stands on Cuba. Considering that foreign policy is the number one concern of many Americans, McCain deserves serious consideration.

Fred Thompson: where's the energy? You looked tired again last night. A hallmark of a great leader is the ability to inspire and empower. Fred has all the right ideas, but hasn't shown the ability to inspire and empower as he did before he officially entered the campaign. Maybe he'll get the fire back, but it's getting late in the game and his numbers are slipping.



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