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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Braman Not Against Using Public Land

I have criticized Norman Braman's opposition to the Downtown Miami mega-plan here, so you all know where I stand with regards to Mr. Braman.

I just noticed a very interesting post by NBC 6 reporter Hank Tester on Braman's previous interest in having public land donated, yes donated, to him for a new stadium in Philadelphia back in 1993.

From Tester's post:

The Philadelphia Eagles' owner, Norman Braman, says he will finance an open-air, grass-field football stadium if the city donates the land once occupied by John F. Kennedy Stadium.

"If the city would give me the land, I have the ability to swing it financially," Braman said, according to today's editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer. "I think it's something that could be built rather rapidly," Braman said. "And I'd like to do it without costing the city of Philadelphia 5 cents." The field would "have to be somewhere around here; it doesn't have to be the old J.F.K. site," Braman said.

Is there a difference between public land and taxpayer dollars? I don't know, perhaps we should ask Norman Braman.


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