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Thursday, January 10, 2008


People such as Medea Benjamin really disgust me.

The founder and co-director of CODEPINK is at it again, rallying her troops (Heh Heh) in Miami for a double bill: protesting the Iraq War and the "freedom" of Luis Posada Carriles.

From the El Nuevo Herald article translated into English:
Anti-castro militant Luis Posada Carriles will be the target of national anti-terrorism campaign which kicks off next Saturday and organized by a women's organization opposed to the Iraq War.

The Most Wanted campaign is being promoted by CODEPINK, a coalition with more than 150,000 members which calls itself "the most active pacifist group in the country".
CODEPINK and Benjamin's goal: to have Posada placed on the list of most wanted criminals and terrorists.

Quote from Benjamin:
"It's inexplicable that the government is on the hunt for terrorists hiding thousands of miles away, when they have one of the most noted terrorists living freely in Miami."
Cuba Journal is on board with CODEPINK. Figures.

This isn't all. On Monday (after a nice weekend sipping mojitos on SoBe), they'll be picketing another "sister", Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

It's not her view of Posada as a terrorist that bothers me. It's just the blatant hypocrisy she and others like her display on a regular basis.

You think CODEPINK is a pacifist group? Why then haven't you heard of them demonstrating in favor of the Ladies in White? Where were they when castro's goons sunk the 13 de Marzo tugboat, or shot down the Brothers to the Rescue flights, as Posada lawyer Arturo Hernandez rightly points out in the article?

It's quite easy to explain. Medea Benjamin loves Cuba, especially those in charge of the gulag. Her love of leftist Latin dictators doesn't end with the bearded bastard, however.

Medea hearts hugo, too.

By the way Ms. Benjamin: I'm still waiting for your reply to the two letters I wrote to your august organization.

With pacifists like Susan "Medea" Benjamin, who needs warmongers?



Blogger Ziva said...

Completey missed the el Nuevo Herald article. Wish I´d known, I would have urged everyone to join in!

11:16 PM, January 13, 2008  

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