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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Funny But Sad

Gotta hand it to CODEPINK: they certainly are committed.

Not only that, but they actually have a dry sense of humor. Check out this from their Most Wanted page on their web site:
We will launch the Campaign in Miami on January 12-14. We will produce 5,000 Posada WANTED postcards addressed to the FBI, and will spend several days doing outreach on the streets of Miami (including Little Havana) asking people to sign the cards. On Sunday, January 13, we will do a 24-hour vigil at a symbolic location. On Monday, we will go to the FBI at 9am to turn in the cards and demand the arrest of Posada Carriles. We will also protest the FBI destruction of five boxes of evidence related to the case. At noon we will go to the office of Cong. Ros-Lehtinen to demand that she stop supporting terrorism.

The next phase will be our billboard campaign, based on the FBI campaign. Our billboard, with a profile of Posada Carriles and text Wanted for Terrorism, will encourage people, if they see him, to call the Miami FBI. We will attempt to put several billboards up in downtown Miami, starting in February.

In Washington DC, we will pressure members of the Congressional Judiciary Committee and Homeland Security Committees to call for Posada’s arrest. We will do vigils out side the Justice Department, calling on Attorney General Michael Mukasey to enforce U.S. anti-terrorism laws. We will follow the Federal Grand Jury proceedings in New Jersey on this case to see if it produces results.

We will also organize a mock trial in Miami that will include legal and academic experts, as well as victims’ families.
There's a certain innocence behind their hypocrisy and shamelessness that is quite interesting. "Hey Marge, I saw someone that looks just like that guy Posada on Collins Avenue last week. Let me call the FBI". And exactly HOW MANY cards they expected to be signed in Little Havana?

And here's an equally humorous section on traveling to Miami to encounter those dangerous militant right-wingers:
Yes, those who live in Miami know that there are elements of the Cuban community who are very violent. They have bombed and beaten people who dared to criticize their positions. But if the US. is going to have moral standing in the world, we must be consistent in opposing all violence against civilians and holding all terrorists accountable. It’s up to us to force our government to stop holding a double standard of condemning some acts of terrorism and supporting others.
That's classic. The part about opposing all violence and holding double standards is so embarrassing that it's funny.

Like I said, CODEPINK has a game plan, and they're following it to a tee.


Blogger Adam said...

Code Pink isn't obligated to fight every injustice in the world. They are trying to change our government's actions. OUR government is harboring a known terrorist. How is it hypocritical again?

10:07 PM, January 15, 2008  
Blogger rsnlk said...

OUR government has attempted to keep him imprisoned. It was a judge who let him free. Further, if I am not mistaken, Posada has already been tried twice. Perhaps, they should organize a campaign against OJ being free.

11:08 PM, January 15, 2008  
Blogger Adam said...

I believe he admitted to committing the terrorism in question, no? I support the courts and their decisions so long as they are not being used as political tools, but it is fairly obvious that who you are a terrorist against makes a big difference in how you are treated by our government.

10:03 PM, January 19, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...


You can't have it both ways. The courts made their rulings on Posada, and that's all the US has to date from a legal perspective to base decisions on.

Posada has changed his story several times, so he's not someone I would trust to give a straight answer.

11:38 AM, January 20, 2008  

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