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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For Crying Out Loud...

'Cause apeing the Daily Kos twice a week just isn't enough.

At least he didn't call Bush a "POS".


Blogger Rick said...

Okay, now here's the deal, Robert. Cross-post this thing over at babalu and add a babalu-only bonus at the end of the post.

Result: pure genius!

Make sure you credit me, bucko!


10:57 PM, May 14, 2008  
Blogger Henry Louis Gomez said...

Rick is there an underlying reason why you are such an asshole or were you just born that way?

11:10 PM, May 14, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...

No Rick, no cross-post.

Try again.

6:14 AM, May 15, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...

I was going to answer that, Henry, until I realized that it was a trick question and caught myself just in the nick of time. You are so quick-witted that I have learned to be very careful and tap into all my intellectual resources to deal with the traps you lay for me.

You cannot fool me, no matter how cerebral you get.


6:54 AM, May 15, 2008  
Blogger George L. Moneo said...

Henry, he was born an asshole and he still is. He's the dick back in grade school who tattled on everyone and then got the shit kicked out of him for being a snitch.

You have to be lower than whale shit to copy The Daily Kos...

4:19 PM, May 15, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...

Perhaps either one of you gentlemen would like to show me where I copied Daily Kos with that post. I can't find it. Robert, post a link would you?

George! I see you finally pulled your head out of that box of Little Debbie snacks! Nice picture. Your mother's basement is actually kind of nice.


8:49 PM, May 16, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...


When you're not trying to emulate Daily Kos with your over the top and tasteless bashing of Bush and Republicans, you're copying the Bark Bark dude, who is almost as bad. That's what I'm alluding to.

BTW, you don't have to agree with this analysis one bit. It's simply my observation and opinion.

Have a good weekend.

8:44 AM, May 17, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...

I tell you what, putting me in the company of Kos and BBWW is an honor, Robert. Thank you.

But it's a lot different than "copying," as you know.


9:16 AM, May 17, 2008  
Blogger George L. Moneo said...

"Mother's basement"? How original! Did you get your butt buddy "Alex" to write that one for you? Nothing else needs to be said of someone who is actually proud to be in the company of Kos...

8:18 AM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger Alex said...

I wish I came up with that one Poodle, but it was all Rick.

But Poodle, when are you going to look into how quickly you jump to the homophobic insult? There may be something deep in there that you are suppresing. If you have any latent tendencies, it's ok to act on them. Don't go through life suppresing your true nature. It's never too late to find happiness Poodle.

10:36 AM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger George L. Moneo said...

LOL. Just like clockwork. I just knew you'd come out of your little hole when I mentioned your name. Did you go to Cuba Nostalgia last weekend or were you as much of a pussy as your former boss?

12:51 PM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger Alex said...

Actually, somebody emailed me YOU had come out of your hole (and no, it wasn't Rick).

Didn't go because I was out of town, and because it's like 15 bucks? Highway robbery. I don't value nostalgia that much.

But if I had been there, you know very well there would have been nothing but handshakes for me, Poodle. Even you would had been wagging your tiny tail in excitement.

3:42 PM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger George L. Moneo said...

You're right. We'd be civil to you. For a few minutes at least...

7:14 PM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...

Oh no, George. You mean I was right? I'm so sorry, man. I had no idea. 'Cause if I did, I would have broken that one out and used it long ago.

One question: does Mom lay out your clothes in the morning? Or are you still using Garanimals?


10:27 PM, May 20, 2008  
Blogger George L. Moneo said...

I use Garanimals with the feet. I'm not into those lacy pink crotchless items Alex says you're partial too...

7:24 AM, May 21, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...


It used to fun to go toe-to-toe with you George, but now it's just boring. Sorta like debating with Robert.

You've lost your edge.

I'm sad.


7:44 AM, May 21, 2008  

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