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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'd like to add to the story of the doctored image of fidel holding up a Barack Obama "progress" poster that Henry posted on yesterday. You know, the one that Joe Garcia's all indignant over.

Here's the text from the press release sent out by the Joe '08 campaign and linked at Henry's Babalu post above:

"At a time when our nation faces true challenges, I am appalled that the Republican Party would use a doctored image of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to scare voters. This is the Diaz-Balart style of politics that uses the suffering of the Cuban people to avoid addressing important issues affecting families in our community, such as the rising cost of fuel and lack of funding of schools".

OK Joe, here's what I think. It was a parody, which basically means that it's an exaggeration of the truth. Your response clearly shows that the image and its message struck a nerve, similar to the one Bush recently struck when he made the comment about appeasers while in Israel. In other words, you understood the message that the image intended to deliver. You have a lot of explaining to do to this constituent about how YOU feel about having unconditional talks with murderous dictators such as raul castro. Perhaps you're scared that if you come out and state that you don't agree with Obama's belief that unconditional talks should be held, your party will be upset at you and you'll end up sounding too much like Diaz-Balart. If you come out and state that you agree with Obama, then you can kiss the Cuban-American vote good-bye. It's a tough choice, but if you ask me, the first choice is best.

Speaking of avoiding other issues, Diaz-Balart did a nice job of explaining his views on those other issues in a recent El Nuevo Herald article. I'm sure you saw it, Joe.

Garcia campaign spokesperson Amy Araya added this:

"The Republicans should know better than to use photoshop to play on the stereotype that our elderly are misinformed and easily scared. Cuban-Americans are smarter and deserve better than this from the party that currently occupies the Oval Office".

Ahh, a clear attempt to pander to the viejitos that are key to who will be elected. Believe me, the viejitos clearly know what's going on. If there's a topic they are keenly aware of, it's Cuba. Ms. Araya's attempt to steer them Joe's way won't work unless there's real meaning and substance to Joe Garcia's message, which is highly questionable at this point. Also, we have your typical "we know what's better for you" comment from the Democrats.

The next 5 months will prove to be quite interesting, to say the least.



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