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Monday, May 05, 2008

Pitts and Hiaasen on Wright/Obama

Two columns published in yesterday's Issues and Ideas Herald section on big-mouthed racist preachers, and the politicians who can't shake them off.

Carl Hiaasen wants us to remember that whites have their own "gasbag" preachers. Thanks for the reminder, Carl. Hiaasen wants to associate John McCain with the same problem Obama is having with his "crazy uncle". Besides political expediency (which is deplorable but something we're too accustomed to), there's no parallel to be drawn between whatever support McCain has garnered from Jerry Falwell and John Hagee, and Obama's embracing, and subsequent separation, from Jeremiah Wright.

Leonard Pitts is much more to the point and more dead-on accurate in his attack on Wright. For one of the few times, I agree with most of what Pitts had to write.

I really hope this is one of the last posts on Wright that I will write.


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