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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funniest Blogpost of the Week So Far

A little levity for a wet and dreary South Florida Tuesday:

Alex of Miami and Beyond responds to my Ana Menendez farewell post by putting his usual brilliant analytical and mind-reader skills to work and diving into the real meaning behind one of my main paragraphs.

What 26 (sic) parallel means:

"Here's hoping the Herald replaces Ana Menendez with someone who panders to me incessantly, tells me how right I am at all times in supporting terrorists, scam artists and snake-oil salesmen on the radio and defending the Republican Party at all costs; while insulting the intelligence of everybody else, because nobody matters in this town but the Cubans. Somebody who withewashes (sic) when we are intolerant and antidemocratic and excuses it with our "suffering", even if the most we have suffered personally is a few blisters from standing outside Elian's house and having to pay through the nose at Cuba Nostalgia.

In other words, some pseudo columnist like those El Nuevo Herald has in spades (but not Armengol, that commie agent). Because what I really want is someone who tarnishes our image even more. I think there's still a bright spot left somewhere."


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