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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Community Responds to Tragedy

The news that the alleged killer of the federal agent in Pembroke Pines on Tuesday has been caught is great news in the midst of this tragedy.

I really can't add anything of value regarding the impact of the murder on Donald Pettit's family, however I would like to comment on the state of society in the wake of something as tragic as this. Every time an incident like this occurs, a common reaction is something to the effect of "What has our society come down to"?

It's tempting to think there there really is something wrong with modern society when someone is shot and killed over a traffic dispute with his daughter in full presence. I would rather focus on the community's response to the incident, which was nothing short of overwhelming support for Donald Pettit's family. Hundreds of tips were received by law enforcement agencies in the 24 hours following the murder, and no doubt led to the capture of the individual at a dialysis center.

To me, when a community responds like it did in support of a crushed family, it maintains my assertion in the common decency and humanity of our modern society.


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