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Friday, August 08, 2008

Funny Blog Of The Week

Now for this week's official 26th Parallel Funny Blog of the Week, we have a comment left by "voice of reason" at Herald Watch yesterday responding to Henry's post on the Herald's denial of Marifeli Perez-Stable as a Cuban agent.

Emphasis mine:
Just read the Herald piece. "McCarthyite tactics." Check. "Witch hunt." Check. "Baseless allegations." Check.

Well, there you have it. They forgot "exile hysteria," but maybe they're being, you know, tactful (at least in print). I guess we can all rest easy now. Nothing to worry about, so just move along. Simmons, after all, is no different from some ancient Versailles regular who wouldn't know a counterintelligence operation from a trip to Home Depot. Just some kook with a fancy title (Lieutenant Colonel, if you must know). That Ana Belen Montes thing was just a lucky fluke. Hell, she probably wanted to get caught.

Besides, if the Herald, given its immaculate record in handling Cuban issues and its exquisite sensitivity to the Cuban-American community, not to mention its unassailable wisdom, sees fit to employ Ms. Perez-Stable to enlighten us about Cuban matters, well, the only proper response is to bow in humble gratitude. So what if she has an unsavory past that even she acknowledges (not that she could deny it, since it's on record)? So what if a professional, high-level U.S. government intelligence officer publicly indicates she's extremely questionable? Trivial, petty stuff, surely. Just your garden-variety little indiscretion (you know, like Herald reporter Oscar Corral soliciting some teen-aged prostitute).

So please, let's all be reasonable and adult about this. We can't continue to keep upsetting the powers that be at the Herald with this eternal refusal to roll over and play nice little exiles. You know how schoolkids in Cuba have to recite the mantra "We will be like Che (Guevara)"? Our motto should be "We will be like Ana Menendez" (I'd have said Carl Hiaasen, but that would set the bar too high; after all, we're only Cubans).

We should learn to respect our betters at Herald Plaza and understand that they're just doing this for our own good. It only LOOKS like they don't respect us and are sticking it to us yet again. I mean, if you were Herald management, and you wanted an "expert" to pontificate on Cuba topics, wouldn't you find someone like Ms. Perez-Stable the best conceivable choice, the most trustworthy, the most credible and acceptable one to the Cuban-American commnunity? Of course you would! If you don't believe me, just ak Joe Oglesby, head of the Herald's editorial page. I expect he'd set you straight.


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