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Sunday, September 14, 2008

QuickHits: Sunday Evening Edition

- The Dolphins took about 5 steps backwards today in getting destroyed by the Arizona Cardinals today. That's the Arizona Cardinals, folks. I'm not necessarily disappointed nor surprised that the 'Fins are 0-2, but more so in the utter lack of toughness and execution shown in these first 2 games under Tony Sparano and the Parcells Administration.

- So Jeri Beth Cohen finally ruled that the new Marlins' ballpark "serves public good". I agree, but it took her over a month to decide to dump all but one of Norman Braman's lawsuit and come to this determination. Are you kidding me? Apparently, the "waiting for the Florida Supreme Court ruling" was merely a stalling tactic until after the late August elections in which Cohen was easily re-elected.

- Myriam Marquez's heart is in the right place, IMO, but she's just spinning her wheels in place in her second column urging the U.S. to temporarily lift sanctions to provide the Cuban government with hurricane aid.

Ms. Marquez, with all due respect, but if you're so concerned about the plight of the Cuban people (as we all are), then why insist that the U.S. "call the regime's bluff", as if the issue of whether to send aid to a corrupt and murderous regime is akin to some card game.

The money, aid and NGOs are waiting, Myriam. At least acknowledge that so we can move on, please?


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