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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quest For The Un-loseable Remote (UPDATE)

For those of you who don't have young children, you may not be aware of a phenomenon that only seems to occur in homes with children under the age of about 6.

This phenomenon is known as lose/break the TV remote control on a regular basis. In my house, my 7 and 3 year-olds have a knack for this very thing. After each broken or lost one, my wife and I vowed to put an end to having to buy a new remote every other month. I would walk by the remote control section of any store and stare at those huge remotes - you know the ones that are the size of small books and about as heavy - and tell myself "I will never get one of those".

Well, guess what? My wife just bought one of those today. This one:

I know one thing: that monster won't get lost. It may break, but it won't get lost. Oh, wait a second. It glows in the dark too.

UPDATE 2/19 10 PM: The damned thing broke. No kidding.


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