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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick Hits

A few stories which caught my attention this morning:

- Myriam Marquez hits another one out of the park as she reminds us to not forget about Cuba's true heroes and those that support them.

- President Obama urges mayors to spend stimulus wisely. Sure, Mr. President. If only your bill had shown some restraint, you wouldn't sound so hypocritical. "The American people are watching". Damn right we are.

- Miami-Dade and Broward get their piece of the pie pork. Some of the proposed projects may very well be beneficial for the community, but will it create permanent jobs and income? After all, real stimulus is about people spending, not government spending. We'll be watching.

- 28-year-old man dies after fall from Palmetto Expressway sign. He was apparently painting graffiti. Can't say I feel terrible about this (with an exception for his family).

- Molto Mario gets molto vulgar in front of dignitaries at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. And Gov. Stimulus breaks protocol. Check it out.

Cool: A Bald Eagle and her hatchlings nest on the western fringe of Pembroke Pines next to the Everglades.


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