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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, looks like only a last-second snag can prevent the Marlins from their coveted new stadium in Little Havana. July 1 is the drop-dead date; after that it's a done deal.

I've written before on my feelings about the new ballpark, in particular the pieces put in place to make this happen. I'll let Miami-Dade Commissioner Pepe Diaz put my general feelings in simple terms:

“It is not a perfect deal,” Diaz said. “I see more positives than I see negatives with this deal. I will tell you straight out that it will create jobs.”

Whether the jobs that will be created are long-lasting is doubtful. This is something the Just Say No crowd likes to harp on, among other things. Some are valid. Some are not. In the end, for me this is all about creating opportunity and having a vision, no matter how broad or poorly defined the vision may be right now. Professional sports teams do add value to communities, and serve the public good as Judge Cohen ruled last summer. Done right, there's no reason why the area around the stadium can't end up being something like Baltimore, Denver or even Washington D.C., instead of the constant "Just Say No" harping about new stadiums not serving as economic catalysts. They don't have to be the driving force, but a focal point around which planning and development can take place. It does takes vision, something our area lacks all too often. I'm an optimist by nature...so I'll all in.



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