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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Marco Rubio is exploring a possible U.S. Senate run next year. I hope he decides to run.

Why? I like his principled, conservative stance on taxes. He was advocating for less taxes and fiscal responsibility before the caca hit the fan last year. Unfortunately, his "no property taxes" stance was seen as too radical by most folks. Wonder what would be said today of Rubio's crazy idea that more money to government isn't necessarily a good thing?

His stance on Cuba is about as solid and passionate as it gets, and the respect and honor he gives to those who came before him to this great land never fails to stir me. And he doesn't need a teleprompter to deliver a great speech.

He's not afraid to challenge those within his party, either. Here's a spanking he gave to a Panhandle Republican several years back.

A very smart guy. A local saguesera guy, just like me. We even went to the same high school (we graduated a couple of years apart). But it's not just because he represents me, but because I feel he represents the best America has to offer to anyone who decides to work hard and earn their living.

Here's a short video from MarcoRubio.com.



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