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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Simple Joys and Milestones

We get so caught up in current events and mundane tasks that it can be easy to forget the little but still significant things that happen on a daily basis.

Having two young daughters makes it easy for me to re-focus. For example, after about 1 month of practice, my seven-year-old can ride her bike without training wheels, albeit with a little difficulty. In the grand scheme of things this may not seem so important. But for a seven-year-old, it IS a big deal. I bet you most of us out there remember when we first mastered the art of bike riding, especially that first big spill. I sure do. This ranks right up there with the first sleep-over, first movie, first plane trip, etc.

Speaking of movies, just heard something that will thrill my daughter: High School Musical 4 is ready to start shooting in 2 weeks!


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