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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joecito's Moral Relativism (And One Other Topic)

Just got back from a business trip to St. Maarten (yes, it is possible to go to a Caribbean island just for business - ask me how it's done). Stayed mostly on the Dutch side and got to see jumbo jets coming in for landing no more than 50 feet over the beach at the Juliana Airport (check out this YouTube video for an idea of how incredibly low these planes get to the beach).

At the hotel there was none other than the Miami Herald's International Edition available for reading. BTW, the Herald is cutting back the International Edition from two sections to 16 pages and eliminating Sundays. One of the articles I read which almost made me shoot blood out of my eyes was this one, which was already covered by Babalu. To think that Joe Garcia equates American operatives with the "Cuban Five". I'm just glad Joe Garcia got beat last fall, and with comments like that, I don't see him winning any time soon. I'd love to see his supporters try to defend his totally ridiculous assertion that we can draw an equal comparison between the two.

Also on my mind is the reaction to the tragedy at the Holocaust Museum. An extremist nutcase killing a guard is most certainly worthy of top news of the day and should be thoroughly and properly analyzed. We had another tragedy not too long ago involving the killing of an U.S. Army soldier at a Little Rock recruiting center by another extremist nutcase. Too bad the latter got nowhere near the amount of press and immediate attention drawn to the killer and his probable motives as the guard killing did.


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