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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Height of Hypocrisy

The Miami Herald Editorial Board blasts the protests which have erupted all across the country at various recent town hall meetings on health care. While I share their concern that shouting down and yelling at your congressperson isn't a constructive way to have your voice heard and for those in power to hear our voices, guess what? It happens from time to time in a representative democracy, especially when big issues are at stake. For the Herald to take the high road here is at best naive, but more likely disingenuous and hypocritical.

Nowhere in the editorial does it mention the union thugs who beat up a conservative protester in St. Louis last week. Nowhere does it mention similar, if not worse, tactics performed by leftist agitators over the past several years. It does, however, mention that many of the health care protesters are part of an organized right-wing opposition movement, thereby making it easier to dismiss the legitimate concerns of average citizens. Do the esteemed Herald editors recall the organizations on the LEFT who have disrupted many a demonstration in the past? Conveniently, no. Also, please note the comparison of the town hall protesters to Cuba's goon squads. Rich.

As a rule, giving politicians a piece of your mind now and then is a good idea. Occasionally, elected officials need to be reminded who's in charge. But don't confuse the rowdy protests in the healthcare reform forums with the fine American tradition of talking back to those who wield political power.

In forum after forum around the country, including Florida, members of Congress have been shouted down, cursed out and forced to cancel town hall meetings on healthcare reform because of bully tactics by opponents of healthcare proposals.

This doesn't promote debate and the exchange of ideas. Rather, it promotes fear and intimidation -- similar to the Cuban government's goon squads, the so-called repudiation brigades.

I'm also waiting for the editors to opine on the White House "e-snitch" account, a topic the Herald hasn't even bothered bringing up almost a full week after it was rolled out by Team Obama. If you want to draw a better parallel to Cuba's repressive forces, this may be a better place to start.

The editorial can be read in its entirety here.


Blogger Jonathan said...

The Herald editorial is dishonest. It uses the terms "health care forums" and "honest debate."

In reality the "forums" aren't forums and they are not about debate. They are staged, like infomercials. The purpose of these phony events is to create a false impression that the Congressional Democrats are willing to respond to questions and comments about the issues. In reality the Democrats are doing their best to avoid real discussion and to buffalo the voters into going along with a terrible plan. The so-called protesters are simply citizens who are not cooperating with the sham. Fools! They actually expected to be able to present their disagreeing views in an open forum. They should shut up and get out of the way of President Obama, who is working so hard to solve the country's problems.

Welcome to the radicalization of the Middle Class.

5:35 AM, August 11, 2009  

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