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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You, Rep. Grayson

This is a sincere message of thanks for Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson, who represents the fine folks of central Florida. Thank you for bringing to light the fact that there indeed are Republican health care bills (35 in all) out there. It would have been even better if you would have singled one of them out, but hey...beggars can't be choosers.

I'll willfully ignore the political grandstanding and blatant dishonesty of your remarks about the Republican plan. I recognize the immense pressure of standing there under the intense gaze of your House speaker and deliver a tough message that will make you and your friends look good at the expense of your adversaries, facts be damned.

I understand. Once again, thank you, Rep. Grayson.

Speaking of Republican Bills, here a good summary of one by the Republican Study Committee led by Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. It's HR 3400, Empowering Patients First Act.


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