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Monday, October 12, 2009

They Get (Crazy) Letters

...like this one:

Leave Afghanistan

The only way out of Afghanistan for the United States is to send a diplomat with significant negotiating skills there to negotiate a coalition of major Taliban sects.

The Taliban must run the country. There will never be a ``representative'' government. Afghanistan will be an Islamic republic like Iran, and that's OK. We just need to cut a deal that they will no longer harbor world-class terrorists. The Karzai government should be removed before we leave. Don't send any more U.S. troops.


Have some of us already forgotten what the Taliban helped do to us after years of planning? "Just cutting a deal" is just insane.


Blogger Steve said...

I think what some people (like the letter writer) forget is that the basis of a deal is a set of shared assumptions and objectives. For example the negotiation of a real estate purchase has a presupposition that the buyer wants to buy and the seller wants to sell!

"Negotiating" with the Taliban to "cut a deal" is a joke. What are we going to offer the Taliban? What are they going to offer us? In reality, we can either stay and fight or we leave with our tail between our legs. We know that and they know that. Does the writer believe we can negotiate with them so they support Democracy when we leave? Or that they will support women's rights when we leave? If we leave it is their show, they can do what they want.

11:41 AM, October 12, 2009  

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