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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Political Correctness: "Is This What It Feels Like To Die?"

I'm not a huge Dan LeBatard fan. But I have to admit, when he's on, he's on. His piece published today on Bob Griese's absolutely ridiculous suspension is top shelf stuff. It's also heartbreaking in its depiction of a decent man (Griese) being raked over the coals over a silly and non-offensive remark.

This is what our politically-correct culture has produced. Take a good look at Griese's comments:
"It has been a very tough week. I want to be known for something else. I don't want to continue this. I just want to put this behind me. I've gotten a lot of support -- calls from Keith Jackson, Don Shula. Is this what it feels like to die?''
And this gem from LeBatard pretty much lays it out here:
You know what gets lost there, right? An honest, open conversation -- one in which people, you know, learn and, you know, understand. You can't have those when scared. I wanted to know specifics. How and why, exactly, did he apologize? Because of the action, the reaction or because his bosses simply said he should? Had he heard from anyone in Miami who was offended? How does it feel to be at this storm center, knowing that this whiff of racism is the only thing some people will know of him as they come into sports from outside to see what all this noise is about? I wanted to make him human, not just four words.

But I understand his fear. If I didn't understand all this as the allegedly injured party, how could he? I can say what I want about this, too. I've got minority carte blanche. That dynamic can create resentment among white people, that I get more of a free-speech America than they do when discussing this stuff. I get it. I find myself dancing around land mines any time I want to discuss black issues on the radio or TV. Any sentence can end my career, which doesn't exactly foster healthy communication or confident discussion.

You can read the entire column here.

Foolishly bringing down a good man like Bob Griese just because of the cultural insecurities of a select few elite is just plain unfair and downright disgusting. Thank you very much, Political Correctness and those who support it.


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