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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Professional Violence

Wonder what Juanes and Olga Tañon have to say about this:
Famed Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said Friday she and another blogger were punched and thrown violently into a car by presumed state security agents as they walked to participate in a peaceful march in downtown Havana.

``No blood, but black and blues, punches, pulled hairs, blows to the head, kidneys, knee and chest,'' Sánchez told El Nuevo Herald shortly after she and Orlando Luis Pardo were freed. ``In sum, professional violence.''

``I, being a person of verbal pacifism, am shaken by this violence, because violence silences anyone,'' the blogger declared in a telephone interview.

Sánchez, the best-known Cuban blogger on the island and off, said she and bloggers Pardo and Claudia Cadelo and a woman friend were walking to join a ``march against violence'' organized by several young musicians when they were intercepted by three men in civilian clothes. Cuba's state security service agents frequently operate out of uniform.

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Blogger Jorge Costales CPA said...

We know the answer to your rhetorical question to Juanes and Ms Tañon, they will say nothing for now, other than perhaps expressing 'discomfort' [could not think of a more feckless word]. But happily -- to the extent we can revel in such things -- for us who believe, judgment day awaits us all.

1:05 AM, November 08, 2009  

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