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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Closed-Minded on Herald Cuba Coverage?

This post and this post by Rick at SoTP points out two recent Herald editorials which fell in line with mainstream Cuban-American thinking - and goes against the perception by some CA's that the Herald is anti-Cuban American. Rick used the editorials as proof that the Herald really isn't anti-Cuban American, and alleges that this blog as well as other CA blogs usually have our blinders on and removed them just in time to see that there really is no Herald bias.

I think this is a case where if Rick would have done a little research, he would have discovered that this very issue of perceived Herald anti Cuban-American bias has already been addressed and discussed here two months ago, and even here at his own site. Also, Henry of Cuban American Pundits started Herald Watch recently, not as a way of proving anti-Cuban bias, but to illustrate inconsistencies in the way the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald cover the same stories. To me, this does not show narrow-mindedness in the least. I think Rick fell into the perception trap and he was over-anxious to make a big catch, when in fact there's not much to "catch".

Do we have strong opinions on many issues? Sure! One can argue that it's a sign of narrow-mindedness, and perhaps in some cases it is. But one can also make the argument that strong opinions are shaped by someone's evaluation of the big picture and arriving at a decision which agrees with his/her views and experiences. This is hardly being narrow-minded.


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