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Friday, February 02, 2007

Post-castro Partying

I'm back from Daytona Beach, thankful to have barely missed the tornadoes that raked Central Florida this morning and sad for those who perished and for those who lost everything.

That being said, my advice to anyone thinking of planning a trip to Daytona Beach in late January: skip it. The place is dead.

Speaking of dead, I did manage to catch the story about the plans for a big bash in the Orange Bowl after fidel's death. I finally caught up with the blogosphere's reaction, from Val's approval to Rick's usual sarcasm and subsequent predictable and boring comment thread featuring Manuel vs. the world.

What do I think? I think a big and organized bash with bands and t-shirts would be over the top. Something more spontaneous and unscripted seems more appropriate. It appears that the city of Miami realized that and backed off their original plans. Of course, it still wouldn't please those outside of Miami (as well as those inside Miami) who quite simply don't get it. You know, those who want us to "act with dignity", whatever that's supposed to mean.

Tell that to the tens of thousands of Miamians who suffered torture, imprisonment, loss of loved ones and family separation because of the bearded asshole. Someone whose legacy will be one of despotism, cruelty and downright murder doesn't deserve to be eulogized.

I respect the opinions of those in Cuba who don't approve of Cuban-Americans celebrating fidel's death, as reflected in Andres Oppenheimer's column. However, I couldn't help but chuckle when reading Oppenheimer's well-intentioned suggestion of "a steak for every Cuban" drive. Cuban-Americans have for years been supporting their loved ones in Cuba not with chuletas, but with dolares. You can buy plenty of chuletas with dolares in Cuba.

Of course, to many (not Oppenheimer) we'll always be heartless and intransigent (read: intolerant) jerks.

As Victoria wrote in her comment to Babalu's post:
It's always the Cubans, Cubans, Cubans in Miami.

I'm sick of it. I'm going for for a celebratory cafecito, in Versailles, and I don't care what people say.

Well said Victoria!

Once again, there's a serious gap in understanding here. A fidel death celebration, no matter how low-key or overblown it may be, is simply years of pent-up frustration being released, and that's perfectly fine by me. Perhaps I won't be out there screaming out of the top of my lungs and partying until dawn, but I'll be happy nonetheless.

To those who are quick to say: "Why party? Cuba has a long way to go even if fidel dies", you're right. Still, give us one day to celebrate, one day to recover, and many more days and weeks and months to help Cuba get back on its feet again. We know what's ahead of us.

As far as what the rest of the world thinks of our celebration...maybe this two-left-footed Cuban-American will dance a salsa song or two on your behalf.



Blogger vbspurs said...

Well said Victoria!

Welcome back, papi. ;)

I hope Daytona wasn't too cold, because we froze our buns off here, earlier in the week. But it's BTN, now.

I've been reading your blog, Robert, in your absence. More more!


8:04 PM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks Victoria. I wish I could write more, but life gets in the way.

11:46 AM, February 03, 2007  

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