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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Campaign Against Spanish Oppression

Welcome to Bloggers United for Cuba Liberty readers!

As you probably know by now, Bloggers United for Cuba Liberty's debut campaign deals with Spain. More specifically, it deals with Spain's inability, or lack of interest, in promoting freedom in Cuba. Instead of working with dissidents to foster change, Spain continues to do business with the castro regime, not to mention send floods of tourists to the ex-Spanish colony.

I must admit that this is not as easy one for me to swallow. As the case with most Cuban-Americans, we have strong cultural and ethnic ties with Spain. I have always admired Spanish culture and have thoroughly enjoyed my two visits to Spain. Nevertheless, Spanish foreign policy under the Zapatero Administration has been nothing but a huge letdown for me. I long for the days when Popular Party (right-wing) President Jose Maria Aznar ran the show in Spain; days when Spain stood up against tyranny and defended freedom-loving people worldwide.

I am proud to be a sponsor for BUCL's campaign and will continue to raise awareness on this issue.

Most Cuban bloggers have dealt with this issue at one time or another, and this blog is no exception. Read the following for background on the Spain/Cuba issue:

- Zapatero No Help to Cubans

- Spain Sells Military Equipment to Venezuela

- From 2005, Spain's Moratinos Says Dialogue with Cuba Must Continue

- From 2007, Spain's Moratinos Insists Dialogue with Cuba Must Continue

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