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Friday, August 24, 2007

Update on fidel Death Rumors

(Cross-posted from Babalu)

Just finished watching Polos Opuestos on Channel 22 here in Miami, and the word is that the rumors of fidel's death are just that. Host Maria Elvira Salazar interviewed Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and the mayor emphasized that there have been no movement of law enforcement to handle the rumored situation. Most importantly, Diaz said that the city is maintaining contact with the federal government and that the feds would notify the city once they receive the official word. There have been no unusual movement of Coast Guard personnel or vessels either, according to Diaz.

Jesus Marzo Fernandez, ex-high ranking Cuban official, was on the set of the show and stated that he has been in contact with several Cuban officials and they confirmed that there is no unusual movement of Cuban military forces. They showed a clip from tonight's Mesa Redonda program which was showing regular programming (with none other than Miami resident and castro agent Max Lesnik in the audience!).

Marzo did say something interesting, that today's rumors did not come from Havana, but from someone much closer to the exile community, likely in Miami, and that Havana is just fine with the rumors since they make the exile community look foolish. Another very interesting tidbit he mentioned was his firm belief that heads of state - including the President of the United States, would be among the first to know of fidel's death, and that the Cuban people would be among the last to know. This supports what Mayor Diaz said about their contacts with the federal government, since Miami would obviously be a flash point in the event of the big news.

Take this for what it's worth, and I guess it's still possible that the guy is indeed dead, but it's looking more and more like today's news was yet another false rumor.

As I mentioned in a comment earlier today, wake me up when fifo is officially dead.



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